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Ways To Grow Your Family

A diagnosis of maternal alloimmunization does not have to determine your family size, no matter how aggressive your antibodies are. Here are some other family growing options besides the traditional route:

  • Biological pregnancy using plasmapheresis and IVIG or participating in a drug trial (current trial option- M281/Nipocalimab, must meet entry criteria) Example: Bethany, Nora and Callum, Brandi and Daisy

  • Sperm Donation (donor should be negative for any matching antigens) Example: Mandy and Rex (doubt it) or Kristen Corr Rod

  • IVF using PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) Example: Jamie 

  • Adoption (Domestic, International, Open/Closed) Example: Ashley and Lottie + Henry

  • Foster Care Example: Maybe Heather? 

  • Embryo Adoption (both biological mother and biological father must be negative for any matching antigens) Example: Johanna

  • Surrogacy (Surrogate carrier must be negative for antibodies matching biological parents’ antigens) Example: Jillian