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Silver Fox Colors

Silver Fox only come in one recognized color - black. There are 2 other colors working on getting recognized by ARBA. They are blue and chocolate. Blue used to be recognized but was dropped due to rarity. Now that blue is making a comeback, there is a Certificate of Development (COD) out for both blue and chocolate. You can show blue and chocolate, but you need to have a copy of the COD, and these colors cannot win best of breed.
Black is the only currently recognized color. Black is dominant, and will cover up any chocolate based colors.

Black is symbolized with the letter B in the genotype. 
Blue is the dilute of black. We currently have 3 blue does and 1 blue buck. 

Blue is symbolized by a B_ dd (the blank can be either B or b, the dd is what's important).

The blue COD is as follows:
Color is to be a medium-rich blue with a slate gray under color. Eyes: Blue-gray.
Faults: Too light of an under color bordering on light gray or white.
We have 1 chocolate buck, and 1 chocolate doe. We also have 1 chocolate carrier doe. Please note that the color in the photographs is a bit too "red" from the lighting, they are actually darker brown.

Chocolate is symbolized by bb in the pedigree.

Color is to be a rich chocolate of medium to dark shade carried as far down the hair shaft as possible, fading to a dove gray under color. Eyes: Brown, ruby cast permissible.
Lilac is the dilute of chocolate. There is no current COD for lilac. We do not have any breeding lilacs at Kaninchen, or plans to add them, but they do pop up since our lines carry dilute.

Lilac is symbolized by bb dd on the pedigree.
White is not recognized. There is no COD for white. We currently have one white here that was a complete surprise. She will be kept for test  breeding our bucks to see if they carry white.

White is symbolized by cc on the pedigree. If a rabbit has Cc, then the rabbit is normal colored, but will carry and possibly pass on white.


One of the first things you need to learn is how to sex your rabbit. The breeder should be able to show you how when you pick up your rabbit, and you need to always confirm the sex yourself. 

Buck - the perfectly round donut

Doe - somewhat taco shaped.


An adult female will have a dewlap under her chin. The dewlap should be clean and dry. They can appear quite large.


"Feet and legs are to be straight, with medium bone, and well covered foot pads. Toenails are to be dark." 2017 SOP

Here you can see the difference between the lighter colored foot pad and the darker black fur.

The darker blue fur with the lighter blue foot pad. Her foot pads could use some more fur on the bottom. This rabbit is prone to developing sore hocks.

Nails. All rabbits must have their nails trimmed occasionally. Like dogs and cats, there is a quick inside the nail. On blacks you cannot see the quick, but on blues, you can. It is the darker red/pink at the base of the nail. Do not cut this, only cut the white/clear tip.


Stages of Silvering

Baby fur does not have silvering. The head is one of the last parts to silver fully. 

Baby fur is also more fine and cottony than adult fur. 

Light silvering

What you're looking at here is the silvering. Note how the silver hairs go all the way down to the skin. These hairs are fully silver, not silver tipped like a steel would be. 

Here this chocolate's silvering is just starting. Chocolates tend to be later than blacks on when they get their silvering. Hers is a few strands in the middle of her back.

Baby fur on a chocolate's head. Baby fur often appears a lighter/off color from the rest of the fur.

Chocolate baby fur is a lighter color and but still cottony. 

Heavy silvering

You can see where the silvering is just starting to come in here. The silver hairs extend down to the skin.

Here you see her silvering is sporadic. This happens in the chocolate lines since they take a while to fill in. She'll take a while to fully silver, but she will look nice when she does.

The silvering is really difficult to see on the white. It shows as slightly shiny hairs.

Common Problems

This a sunburned black. Note the reddish/brown patches.

Sunburned blue

Sunburned chocolate

Sunburned blue