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Rain Garden Consultations with a Master Rain Gardener

Are you interested in putting in a rain garden but don't know where to start?
Do you know where you want your rain garden but aren't sure what plants to use?
Are you wondering where to get your plants from?
Consider getting a consultation from a Master Rain Gardener.

I will look over your design or create one for you. Designs will be to scale and include a list of plants. You tell me what you're hoping to get out of your rain garden (help a problem spot, attract butterflies and native bees, use an undesirable location to grow some extra edibles, a neighborhood talking point, etc.), and I will give you a list of plants that will help meet your needs. You look over your list and choose your plants. Your plan will be updated with the plants you've chosen. Each individual plant will placed on the design map taking into account the appropriate spacing, moisture needs, and more of each plant. All you need to do is follow the step by step garden building guide and purchase the plants on your list in the quantity listed. I can even source your plants for you for an added fee. The result is the homeowner building their own custom rain garden, keeping pollutants out of our rivers, and living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

If you are willing to put in the work of physically digging your rain garden and planting it but need a little help with the technicalities, a consultation could be right for you.

Consultation: $10 per hour
Plant Sourcing: Cost varies by garden. You pick up the plants at a predetermined location near Kalmazoo. This service requires a deposit.