Kaninchen Farm

Working to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Home Preserving

Preserving food at home can be a great, safe, and fun activity for the entire family. Currently, we are doing 3 different methods of home preservation here at Kaninchen:
Canning, Dehydrating, and Freezing. All 3 are great and have their own uses. 

Canning uses either a pressure canner, or a hot water bath canner to preserve food in jars. Foods preserved this way will last for about a year. After that, the flavor and texture starts to degrade, though the food is still safe and edible as long as the jar is sealed.

Some items that can well: Berries, Sauces/Purees, Fruit, Veggies, Soups.

Water Bath Canning

Pressure Canning

Dehydrating can be done either by hanging plants, using an oven on low, or with an electric dehydrator. We currently use a 12-tray Nesco dehydrator for all our dehydrating since it is so much quicker and easier than air drying or using the oven.

Some items that dry well: Herbs, Berries, Fruit, Veggies, Soup.

Freezing is processing food for the freezer. Many foods need blanched before freezing to stop their enzymatic activity. 

Items that freeze well: Broccoli, Corn, Soup, Meat.