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Muscovy Ducks

We currently have 8 adult Muscovy ducks here at Kaninchen. They are a variety of colors. We have 2 males, and 6 females. Right now, all of the females are happily laying eggs. 

Fertile Duck Eggs: $20 per dozen, plus shipping

Ducklings: $5.00 - $7.00 each depending on age, straight run.
Juveniles (12 weeks +): $10.00 each
Adults: $20

General Information
Excellent for homesteaders, Muscovy ducks are quiet, easy to care for birds. They are calm, intelligent, and great forragers. They're known as the quackless duck. Hens will chirp softly and the drakes hiss. 

The Muscovy is the only domestic duck that isn't derived from mallards. They come from South America and are tree birds rather than water birds, so they're a great choice if you don't have a pond. Muscovies can fly, so they need to have wings clipped or pinioned if you don't want a flighted bird. 

Muscovy's work wonders on the homestead for fly control and eating slugs from the garden. A Canadian study with dairy calves found Muscovies caught 30 times more houseflies than commercial the fly remedies. The ducks also clean up spills that flies would breed in. 

Large duck. Hens get 6-9 lbs, drakes get up to 15 lbs. 

Muscovies come in several colors including solid, barred, ripple, and pied. All ducks will have red carunkles (bumps on their face), with males having the most. 

Egg Production
Excellent egg layers and sitters. Large size white color eggs with a harder shell then most duck eggs.

Easy to Keep and Raise
Muscovies are easy to keep and easy to raise. They will forage on both plants and bugs. They will also clean up spills and waste. 

Muscovy hens make exceptional foster setters/mothers. Hens will sit on their own eggs, and can hatch 3-4 clutches per year. The eggs hatch after 35 days, and ducks are butcher ready at 10-15 weeks depending on preference. The meat is 98% lean, and looks similar to steak. 

Muscovy drake

Muscovy hens


Al's Quackery has some great info on Muscovy's and coloring. 

The American Poultry Association - This site includes information about showing ducks and the standard of perfection (SOP).