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Maple Sugaring

Single tap.
Double tap.
Close up of spile and tubing.


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Tap Your Own Trees

5/16" drill bit - $2.99 at Menards

2-pk 3/8" (use as spiles) - $1.99 at Menards

5/16" ID tubing 10ft - $2.49 at Menards

Food grade containers for sap. Can be frosting buckets from Walmart bakery, old 2-Liter soda bottles, milk jugs, etc.

Measure your tree. Depending on it's diameter, you can put 1-3 taps in it.
Place your taps about 2' off the ground and 6" away from any previous taps (don't forget to avoid the holes vertically too).

Drill at a slight upward angle about 2"-3" into the tree.

Tap in spile, add tubing, situate container, and cut the tubing. 

You can watch as we did our last tap in the video below. Enjoy.


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Sugar on Snow
Take some of your hot sap once it's boiled down to syrup consistency, and pour it over the snow. It should turn into a taffy-like candy.