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Resources For Providers

Welcome to the section of the website dedicated towards healthcare providers. Key features in this section include:

A History of Alloimmunization and Treatment Options. This page includes the history of the disease from discovery to present, and shows how treatment options have changed. 

Common Alloimmunization Misconceptions. Can you guess if these questions are true or false? This page covers some of the common misconceptions and misinformation out there. 

HDFN and the Clinical Impact of Specific Antibodies. Do you know the unique manifestation of your patient’s specific antibody? This page covers some of the neonatal manifestations of HDFN and the unique differences between specific antibodies. 

Necessary and Optional Laboratory Assessments for the Mother, Father and Fetus During Pregnancy. The title of the page says it all. Check here to discover the advances in technology and testing options for your patients. 

Management of an Alloimmunized Pregnancy. This page covers all of the non lab testing, monitoring, and treatment options. A handy flow chart is included to illustrate how an alloimmunized pregnancy should progress.

Necessary Laboratory Assessments for Neonates Exposed to Maternal Alloantibodies. Once again, the title says it all. This page is all about laboratory testing for infants affected by HDFN. 

Alternatives to Natural Conception. Alloimmunized women can go on to have more biological children, but what if they want to avoid the risks of HDFN? Learn more about alternatives to natural conception and how you can help your patients grow their families. 

Resource Library. This library is a work in progress and contains multiple case reports and articles published in peer-reviewed journals. As an added bonus we have included some pages from patients including “Patient Perspectives”  and an open letter to providers from alloimmunized patients.