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Khaki Campbell Ducks

We currently have 8 adult Muscovy ducks here at Kaninchen. They are a variety of colors. We have 2 males, and 6 females. Right now, all of the females are happily laying eggs. Al's Quackery has some great info on Muscovy's and coloring. 

Fertile Duck Eggs: $20 per dozen, plus shipping

Ducklings: $5.00 - $7.00 each depending on age, straight run.
Juveniles (12 weeks +): $10.00 each

ults: $20

General Information
Excellent for homesteaders, Campbell ducks are relatively easy to care for birds that will outlay many chicken breeds. They are active, energetic, intelligent, and great foragers. 

These are a small duck, weighing between 4 lbs - 4.5 lbs. 

The Khaki Campbell comes in 1 color. Males have a darker head with a brown body, while females have a brown body with some lacing on the feathers. 

Egg Production
Prolific egg layers. They can lay 250-340 eggs per year. Eggs are white or slightly tinted, and large sized.

Easy to Keep and Raise
Campbells are easy to keep and raise. They will forage on both plants and bugs. They are energetic and active, and like plenty of space to forage. Their noise level when fed or excited would be a 3.5/5, and when relaxed and happy only a 1/5. 


The Livestock Conservancy - This site includes information about breeds that are in danger of becoming extinct. You can view the conservation priority list, breeders directory, breed comparison chart and find some information about breed clubs and associations as well. 

The American Poultry Association - This site includes information about showing ducks and the standard of perfection (SOP).