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French Angora Colors

French Angoras come in a very wide array of colors. Here's a snapshot of Angora colors. In the photos below, you can see some of the color changes from 1 day old kits to 10 days old. In the photo on the left, it is hard to tell colors other than black and blue. In the photo in the middle, you can see the white bellies and white inside of the ears of some of the kits. This means that they are an Agouti based color (genotype AA or Aa). You can also see the chestnut coloring developing on the kits. As kits become juniors, the right photo, you can clearly see most color differences.

Self Colors

Black (aa B_ C_ D_ E_)

Blue (aa B_ C_ dd E_)

Chocolate (aa bb C_ D_ E_)

Lilac (aa bb C_ dd E_) 


Torts come in all 4 of your basic colors - Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. They have fawn colored wool over most of their bodies, with the nose, tail, and ears being a different color. The photo to the left shows different shades of black torts, blue, torts, and lilac torts. 

Tortoiseshell aka Black Tort (aa B_ C_ D_ ee) 

Blue Tort (aa B_ C_ dd ee)

Chocolate Tort (aa bb C_ D_ ee)

Lilac Tort (aa bb C_ dd ee) 

Agouti Based Colors

Chestnut (A_ B_ C_ D_ E_)

They start out black, develop white inside their ears and on the belly, and then gradually get more and more gold sprinkled throughout. As they develop more into their junior coats, they look like the photo on the right. Both rabbits are chestnuts, but one is darker than the other.
Photo courtesy of Lovisa at Hazelnut Rabbitry

Copper (A_ B_ C_ D_ E_) - Same as Chestnut but with high Rufus modifiers. Not seen yet at Kaninchen.

Opal (A_ B_C_ dd E_)

Opals start out blue and then develop white bellies and white inside the ears. As they mature, they gradually add a cream color into their coat. This is really visible if you blow into the coat or part it (that's how you know it's an opal, not a blue).

Chocolate Agouti (A_ bb C_ D_ E_) - not yet seen at Kaninchen.

Lynx (A_ bb C_ dd E_)

Fawn (A_ B_ or bb C_ D_ ee ww)

Photo courtesy of Lovisa at Hazelnut Rabbitry

Red (A_ B_ or bb C_ D_ ee ww) - same as Fawn but with high Rufus modifiers. Not yet seen at Kaninchen.

Cream (A_ B_ or bb C_ dd ee ww)

Cream on top, lilac tort on bottom.

Chinchilla (A_ B_ Cchd_ D_ E_) - not yet seen at Kaninchen.

Squirrel aka Blue Chin (A_ B_ Cchd_ dd E_)

Chocolate Chinchilla (A_ bb Cchd_ D_ E_) - not yet seen at Kaninchen.

Lilac Chinchilla (A_ bb Cchd_ dd E_) - not yet seen at Kaninchen.

Ruby Eyed White aka REW (__ __ cc __ __)

These rabbits are pure white from birth with red eyes.

Pointed White

Pointed whites will have red eyes, and a colored nose, ears, and feet. The points will fade during the heat and may not come back, causing a pointed to be mistaken for a REW.


Sables are weird. They go through many color changes and it can be hard to identify them until they are in their adult coat. The photos below are all the same rabbit. 

Clockwise from black rabbit: Sable, Sable Pearl, and blue pearl.

Sable pearl on top, sable on bottom.

Sable wool as a 3-5 week old.


Sable Pearl -  aa B_ cchlc D_ ee 

Sable Pearl wool as a 5 week old.

Ermine - Not Recognized Color

The Ermine looks frosted.

Ermine on left, pearl on right.